Life Adventures, Philosophy

The Roller Coaster


After we have been securely strapped in the seat of a roller coaster we slowly emerge from a dark tunnel. The golden rays from the sun briefly blind us until our eyes get adjusted to our surroundings. 

This is our birth. 

The coaster creeks slowly up an arduous hill.  Not knowing our fate, our heart pounds with anticipation. This climb is the learning experience that draws the blueprint for our lives.  It is where we decide how to react to the challenges that confront us. Are we afraid?  Are we brave?  

This is our childhood.

We stop briefly at the top to catch our breath. What we perceive here may influence the rest of our lives. We may become more aware. The trees in the distance may seem small but immense in quantity. We may feel the sun on our cheeks and the cool air brushing our face. It may be our mountaintop experience. Do we yearn to fall forward or return back from where we came?  Are we prepared to take chances or express appreciation to those we admire. If we are fearless, we can love unconditionally. We may realize we are not a speck in the universe but we are the entire universe. We may realize our thoughts create our world. We can raise our arms and flap like a bird. Or we can cower deep in our seat as we grip the rails.

This is adulthood.

As we speed downward we can close our eyes to shield ourselves from terror. Or we can keep our eyes open, absorbing the exhilaration of using all our senses.

The sunshine disappears as we reenter the same tunnel as we glide to a halt. This may not be the end of the ride but merely the beginning of yet another. If we were lucky, we kept our eyes open. 

This is our death.  It is also our conception. 

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