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I Found My Sister

Many of you know I have been searching for my baby sister, Deborah Kay Price, who vanished shortly after the first photo was taken in 1956.

The universe has proven once again that all things, when asked with sincerity and conviction, will eventually be revealed.

I finally found my beautiful sister.

I spoke with her and she is alive and well and has been blessed with a wonderful family. She is now 63 and lives in Indiana.

This would have never happened if I didn’t have Facebook friends, like you, that included some of the most talented genealogical searchers in the nation.

They worked tirelessly without pay or reward.
They left no stone unturned.
They analyzed every clue.
They asked sharp questions.
They were warriors of the truth.

As I slowly recover from the shock of finding the sister I didn’t even know I had, I can now be find peace, as when one is comforted reading the final chapter of a classic novel.

What did I learn from these 25 years of searching? -with perseverance and belief we are all invincible. We can all have a Herculean power that cannot be conquered. And if it was Sampson’s hair that gave him his strength, it is each of you who have been our hair.

I’m not going anywhere soon, and Debbie and I will share our adventures with you. Although we are now in our sixties, this is only the beginning of our lives. It is time to compare our stories of love and the lessons we have learned. It is time to fill in the missing blanks of how we each originated in this world.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this search that many thought was impossible. Thank you also to the 350+ members of the Facebook group- Find Deborah Kay.

I especially thank these miraculous women from across the nation who (while we were sleeping soundly in our beds) scoured the Internet, compared notes, and created a friendship and synergy that I have never before witnessed. I dubbed them the Fabulous Five:

Cori Baker
Linda Borneman
Tina French
Judy Hill
Lori Van Every

Please share this as a message of inspiration to other adoptees or missing persons who are searching for that fundamental gift we are all entitled to- our roots.

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  1. This is beautiful : “The universe has proven once again that all things, when asked with sincerity and conviction, will eventually be revealed.”??

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