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Be Thankful for your Eyes

Gemologists can seem strange at times. That’s because we know that our business extends beyond what we see.  We have been known to burn amber in an inconspicuous place to smell its smoke and determine its authenticity.  We rub pearls beneath our front teeth to ascertain if they are real. (A smooth feel is an imitation, slightly gritty is real.) And finally, we use our ears to hear if a gemstone rattles in its setting when we shake it close to our ears. (if it rattles the gem needs to be tightened.)

In appreciating gems and jewelry we realize our most important geological instrument- our eyes. Under a microscope, the nature and location of a flaw can determine the value of a diamond by thousands of dollars. Even though we spend a good deal of time peering at gems under magnification we understand most of our joy comes from what we see reflecting back to our naked eye.  

With practice, an experienced diamond merchant can detect the difference between a diamond and a simulant at arms length. Of course we never admit this when we are invited to parties. The warm adamantine luster glowing from a diamonds facet is many times unmistakable. 

We must be thankful for our eyes. And it is important not only what we see but how we experience it.  In all of life, it is wonderful when we share this joy with one another.  

We each define our experiences in different ways. It is so precious to me, no matter how few the seconds, when a couple recalls their loving bond as they admire the colorful reflections of their diamond. This memory is more precious than the diamond itself. 

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