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Born from the Stars

Today I paused to print my family tree that was painstakingly assembled with the help of the most amazing women researchers who became my friends.  

As an adoptee who never met my birth parents, I always wondered how I got here.  Today I feel complete in knowing I arrived on planet Earth from the human race, from people who were probably no different than those alive today.  For thousands of years we have built and destroyed, nurtured and killed, helped and harmed.  We have had the same worries and concerns. 

I feel no conflict in knowing that my maternal roots were Gentile and my paternal grandfather was a renown rabbi.  Or that one parent was American and the other was from Aleppo, Syria.  I am not torn between choosing any religion, what god I should worship, or what holy book I should read. Although our culture shapes us, we must look inside ourselves to realize that humans are incredibly alike.  

We are all born from the stars.

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