Life Adventures

To Adoptees- Enjoy the Ride of your Journey

For the first 32 years of my life I was an only child. There was no one I ever met that shared my eyes or nose or skin color. Events like my birthday or Mother’s Day always made me wonder where I came from and who was the mystery woman who gave birth to me.

By the next half of my life I found my bio parents (although already long gone) and seven siblings!

Although the road was bumpy, I am thankful for my exhilarating quest. I am thankful for the virtue of perseverance and positive intention, the encouragement of my adoptive mother, the comforting shoulder of Carmen, and the Fabulous Five.

To adoptees like me: Whatever you find at the end of your long journey- be thankful for the ride that took you there, and find joy in all things. I hope you find what we are all entitled to- our roots.

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