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Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Who Wins?

Question:  Who are the real winners in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest?Children.  Every year, thousands of kids compose words of love for their mothers. They pause, ponder, and reflect on their feelings of appreciation for the woman who gave them life. In fact, it may be the first time they realize the importance… Continue reading Who Wins?

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Life Adventures

Recent History of Jewelry

Georgian Period: 1714-1830 Jewelry designs of nature featuring flowers, leaves, insects, birds, feathers, and ribbons.  Engraved gemstones and intaglios were favored along with agates and cabochon cut stones. During the early nineteenth century, cameo brooches and earrings became popular.  Garnets, turquoise, amethyst, and particularly pearls were the rage. Early Victorian Period: 1837-1860 The dominant style… Continue reading Recent History of Jewelry