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Trust is something that is earned. Trust takes time and time cannot be rushed. I believe a history of returning happy customers who say they refer their friends is a great indication that you have earned trust.

Most people are not diamond experts. In fact, many jewelry customers have never had the opportunity to enjoy the mysteries of a diamond by peering through the 10x loupe. Have you ever been to a jewelry store that never invited you to view their diamonds with a loupe? I wonder what they did not want you to see? Then again, many jewelry salespeople are simply not properly trained on diamond qualities.

Honesty and trust are critical to every diamond merchant. In fact, trust is so vital because they realize one mistake could be the end of their business. And even though at some point in your life you might find a dishonest salesperson, I believe that people in general are honest-natured. Has anyone ever come up to you from behind and said, “Pardon me, did you drop this one-dollar bill?” (Just recently, a clerk at a local eatery made the effort to return to my store saying, “Here is your change that you left on our counter.”)

Gallery of Diamonds believes that trust is the greatest honor a jeweler can achieve. Since 1991, our goal has been to maintain a symbol of expertise while creating thousands of happy memories. To date, we have helped over 20,000 customers receive a lifetime of enjoyment from our designs.

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