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Natural is Beautiful

Just before I dashed into my car for a meeting, I noticed the sky was bluer than normal. For a quick moment I wondered if the subduing color was real or computer enhanced. I don’t think that was crazy. Nowadays, it seems everything that comes across our senses has been altered in some way. Landscapes in real estate ads are always more lush than in real life, and fashion models may not be as thin or shapely as they appear on television. Did you wonder why the hamburger glowing from the lighted marquise is never quite the same as the one you open from the wax paper? Cardboard and pins are used to fluff the lettuce, a mister will spray that one drop of water running down the side of the tomato, and a hairdryer may be used to melt the cheese just before the final glamour shot.

We live in a different world than when I was a young diamond merchant. Today diamonds are drilled with lasers, filled with plastic, bombarded with atoms, and even grown in a laboratory. Processes are used to change brown diamonds to white, yellow diamonds to red, and near colorless diamonds to pink. And, like the computer hacker that makes it necessary for someone else to cure his virus, the gemologist must discover new treatments, be able to identify them, and disclose them to the public.

There is nothing wrong with any alteration or treatment, just as there is nothing wrong with using software to make products appear more attractive, alluring or appetizing. The problem is that there are some jewelers who do not disclose these alterations. Some salespeople do not disclose from the fear of losing a sale, others simply do not have the knowledge or resources to know of the latest treatments.

I’m not saying that one must disclose the enhanced crunch of an apple for a radio ad, or an enticing fragrance sprayed inside a car before the test spin. No problem here. The product was not altered.

The beautiful word we are proud to use at Gallery of Diamonds is natural. The rainbow colors that burst from our diamonds are not the result of irradiating, injecting, or techno-trickery. And, as long as you allow us to keep your jewelry clean, this sparkle will never lose its luster. You see, there is really nothing more beautiful or perfect than nature.

Perhaps that is why a natural diamond has become a perfect symbol of love. It is eternal, unchanging, and beautiful to the eye. It is also virtually indestructible. Isn’t that the definition of love? When given as a gift, each succeeding glance at the gem will certainly evoke the wonderful memory of the giver.

Unless it is a special vintage or unusual piece of jewelry, Gallery of Diamonds only sells diamonds that are created by the awesome forces of nature. From there, it is the skill of the master diamond cutter who fashions the gem into its magnificent splendor that has fascinated us throughout history.

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  1. I thought this was a lovely post! There are so many aspects to diamonds that I know nothing about, so this was very interesting. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I am delighted to be able to find yours and read up on all things diamond!

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