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Create a Legacy

Many a person has dreamed of leaving a legacy. An athlete dreams of a world record. A scientist dreams of a formula to help us better understand our world.  A musician dreams of a melody that will be hummed for the next hundred years.

My dream is to give every child the opportunity to express their words of love to their mothers.

The first year of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest was in 1993. About two hundred and fifty kids, enough to fill several classrooms, submitted their heartfelt words for me to read. One writing stood out beautifully, and I awarded a grand prize diamond to the sophomore entrant.

I will never forget that Sunday morning, Mother’s Day of 1993, as Margaret Ketchersid presented the precious gem to her mother.  What is even more unforgettable is the pride of the fifty runners up who each came to my jewelry store during the following week to recite their words to their mothers.

There was something magical and unexpected that occurred. The words that came from the lips of these kids became real. I discovered the nourishment and healing properties that words of love evoke when spoken.

Words are living things.

From that first Sunday morning, my legacy has become clear.

Today, Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Inc. has transformed into an institution that allows hundreds of thousands of kids to express their feelings toward the one who gives us nurture and life instruction.

Whatever the reader’s legacy, if it is desired and obtained with love, I wish you much success in your journey. My legacy, however, is to leave behind poems of love, from thousands of young authors, that will have the power to help us realize the purpose of living.

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