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The First Diamond Winner

In 1993, I established the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest in honor of my adoptive mother and birth mother I had never known. A girl named Margaret claimed her grand prize diamond in the first contest. Like buried treasure, her enchanting poem sparkled deep within the mound of essays. I’ll never forget that first Mother’s Day when she presented the precious gem to her mother.

Today, the contest is in honor of all moms.

Hundreds of thousands of kids and their moms have become a little closer. My vision is to offer every child in the United States a moment to reflect on why their moms are important in their lives.

Here is Margaret’s poem.  Written in 1993, her words are eternally beautiful.

Why Mom Deserves a Diamond

Her love is not blind
It is clear and forgiving
Her touch is all-knowing
Her joy is life giving

This angel, my mother, gives of herself
And illuminates me
With compassion’s true wealth

A symbol of courage
And strength she remains
And understands all my joys and pains
To gaze at my mother
Who strives beyond duty
Is to see radiate
Her unique warming beauty!

The sweet voice of mother
Her strong, safe, embrace
I long to possess
Her pure, natural, grace

My Mother, my guide
And gemstone so rare
Deserves out of likeness
A diamond as fair


2 thoughts on “The First Diamond Winner”

  1. That is so touching. As the mom of two boys, I always wonder if my chance to be a lasting figure in my child’s lives is slim since I never had a female. Good to know there are boys out there who love their moms past the teenage years!

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