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“Let’s go, Minda!”  Marcus was already running late for work at his jewelry store, and had the car warmed up and headed in the direction of Minda’s school.  “Why do you always have to be exactly three minutes late, Minda? Just start getting ready three minutes early in the morning. Problem solved.”

“I couldn’t find my purple notebook,”  Minda said.  She hopped into the back seat and snapped her buckle.  “Press number three on the radio, Dad, that’s my favorite station.”

Marcus put the car in drive and drove aimlessly toward the Elementary school.   As autumn trees whooshed by to background rap music, he tried to mentally recite the team meeting he was scheduled to give at Gallery of Diamonds.

‘Remember team, the jewelry customer comes first.  Always be courteous, be honest, and be enthusiastic about the jewelry they desire.  Remember our company motto:

‘To provide a wonderful experience for every customer with excellent service and quality jewelry.’

After turning onto the main road, Minda yelled. “Dad, where are you going?  You were supposed to turn that way!” Minda pointed to the back of the car.

Marcus realized he was driving towards the jewelry store.  “Sorry, Minda, I was daydreaming, but that music drives me crazy.” Marcus had to drive more than a mile to make the nearest U-turn.  Now he and Minda were going to be late.

As Marcus pulled up to the drop-off at Minda’s school, he realized that his daughter was simply the reflection of himself. He realized that the way a child learns the beauty of life is through his or her parents.  In an hour, Marcus would be giving a lecture on customer appreciation. Minda would be learning social skills, how to get along with others, how to forgive, and how to do great things with the wonderful resources that our earth provides.   Both jobs were important, but Minda’s was far nobler.

Marcus felt his heart in his throat as Minda unbuckled and got out of the car.  “What excuse can I give them for being late, Dad?”

“Just say your dad was dad-dreaming.”

“Okay, Dad.”

“Mindy,” Marcus kept Minda’s attention.  He felt compelled to say something prophetic.  Something that was responsible, important, and dad-like.   His mind rummaged for the right words- ‘Pay attention to your teacher,’ ‘Be a good girl,’ and ‘Learn everything you can.’  Instead, Marcus simply smiled at his daughter and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too, dad.”

Only when we know we are loved can we love ourselves.
When we love ourselves, it is easy to love others.
When we love others, our world becomes our beautiful home.


Written by Diamond Mike Watson

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  1. Been there with the music, or at least somewhat. I also like it when parents tell there kids they love them, there’s far too little of that these days.
    Thanks for following my blog, I hope I can provide some pleasant relief from your hectic days,

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