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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This is Ananya.  Everything about a diamond represents renewal and rebirth.    As DeBeers said, “A diamond is born of the earth, and reborn on the woman you love.”

Renewal: Weekly Photo Challenge:

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  1. Really like the quote! As for the diamond I can say I really like the round shaped ones for the rings, but this is not so bad. ;D
    Thank you for the visit to my blog!

  2. Beautiful!!!! And love the quote as well!!!
    I did not know what you say about the diamonds carrying the spirits with them….I think it is very nice!!!

  3. I really like the look at the ring, but what I think is why pay that much for something our Mother Earth is giving willingly for free 😉 anyhow

    I come to let you know as you have been following my Blog Far Away, as it has been moved and it seem to you haven’t read it yet?
    Far Away is moved to another server on . I welcome you back on the new place and hope to be in contact with you

    Thanks in advanced
    Kind regards
    Mariane Cordes

  4. I get very sad every time I see a nice dimond rings. I had horrible bad luck with my engagement ring and wedding band. My hubby designed and chose all the diamonds and one Safire for my rings. The wedding band got lost when we moved house and I should have never removed it from my finger but I didn’t want to damage it while using some harsh cleaning quimicals. The engagement ring got broken in half while I was taking my luggage out of a cab in Holland. I just realised that half the ring was gone once I was in the train on the way to see my father who is dying of cancer. When I got back to Austraila we tried contacting the jeweller in the US who made the rings for us when we lived there at the time. But apparently he made a runner on everyone in town and lots of couples are after him to get their money back! I never cried so much on that train ride, for the lose of the ring and the lose of my father. We can’t afford to get new rings so I will just have to wait a couple more years before I get new ones. 🙁

    1. Somewhere there is a diamond waiting for you – there is an old folk tale that says that diamonds carry the spirit of where they have been with them (good or bad) -perhaps now that it is gone your luck will change. Best wishes for finding a stone (precious or not) that will bring you happiness. Jut for fun, have a look at the many websites about exactly this subject on Google (meanings of semi-precious stones).

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