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I always spend considerable time wondering why humans do the things we do.  I ask questions such as,  “Why is this person so successful?” and,  “Why is this person in jail?” I am surprised how we tend to be who we are for most of our lives.  Can we change ourselves?

Whenever I meet someone I have not seen in years I quickly remember that person’s demeanor from long ago. If I labeled them kind, polite, and respectful,  I can still perceive those qualities now.  If I remember another person as skeptical, untrusting and gloomy,  I can understand why I avoided that person in my past.

I wonder what is inside us to believe and act the way we do. Is it a spark? Is at the lack of this spark?

In most deep religions we are taught to love one another.  Society itself tends to function better as a whole when we follow the Golden Rule.  But does loving others always come naturally and easily for all of us?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I at this level of success?” Or,  “Why am I not in jail?”  In our world,  we have the same choices as anyone reading this. You can say a polite word to a waiter and leave a tip to show appreciation. You can enjoy your meal and escape without paying.  You have the choice to hug or hurt, to praise or scold, and to assist or kill.

I believe there is a glowing ember of love in all of us.  I’m not certain where it comes from. One may say it comes from our parents, from God, or from the forces of the universe. For certain, this spark glows with variable intensities in all of us. Wherever the source of this spark, I believe it should be sought after. Let us all search deep inside ourselves and follow this spark.

8 thoughts on “Follow Your Spark”

  1. Really, I think hard about it. But when I have a fresh mind to answer such as question, I know, the one can answer about me correctly is ME. Yeah, only ME. Not GOD. I’m good. I’m doing right things. Thanks for post, it helps me to find something.

  2. I agree that there is a spark of love in all of us, I believe it is the spark of God – Mother God, Father God, Brother God, Sister God, Friend God, our great creator, the one who loves us and yearns for that love to be returned to them and to all humanity.- But I believe that love spark needs kindling, by our own hand, by the hand of others. It is joyous when you meet a spirit who’s burning flame kindles your own spark, it is sad when you meet a soul who’s spark has almost died out through lack of kindling. We should, I believe, try to kindle both our own spark and the sparks of others. It should be our life’s work, there is no higher calling, nothing as satisfying.
    I very much like your blog, thankyou for sharing your songs, stories and ideas 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, deviant, for your wonderful words and thoughts. I’m happy to know I have a new fan.

  3. I am not a religious person. In fact, I am anti-religious purely because of the damage that religious representatives – not God, but his followers here on earth – have done to people over the centuries.

    It is the hypocrisy of religious leaders or practitioners who abuse their power that has turned me off religion forever. They may be a minority, or perhaps they’re not, but the atrocities committed in the name of God have left me deciding to live my life according to myself, rather than the word of someone else.

    I do, however, life my life as closely as possible to those Ten Commandments, purely because they feel most natural to me. Lies, deception, deliberate hurt, selfishness.. it all feels wrong to me, and so I do my best to live my life without them being a part of it. Not always successfully.

    Keep asking these questions. I think it is only in doing so that we grow as humans, as communities. I’d like to think that one day, we will all be able to love and accept one another, despite our differences. People like you go a long way to making that a reality.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words and thoughts, No Virgin. If I had to live by one concept, it would probably be the Golden Rule.

  4. I’m good man, for some people, and I’m bad man too for some other people. Which is the really the answer of me? I’m good or bad? I think the one can answer this question correctly is GOD.

  5. You ask one of the great questions, Mike. I often think another golden rule gives us guidance: do unto others . . . in this life I’ve learned that we certainly do get back what we give out.

    1. That’s true, David. It’s a miracle that no matter how much I give, I seem to always get back at least 50% more! (I guess the universe has a bigger shovel than myself.)

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