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Shykor and the Giant Flawless Diamond

Shykor drew his golden sword from his sheath and stabbed it into the sky.  The bright sun reflected a beam of yellow from the polished plastic. The handle was encrusted with crystal rhinestones, but looked like ocean blue sapphires and pigeon blood rubies set in a platinum halo.

Around Shykor’s neck hung the Giant Flawless, which he pretended was the largest diamond in the land of Newport Beach. The Flawless Giant was surrounded by white diamonds and was cut so perfectly it was able to rip apart the sun’s light and blind his enemies with all the colors of the rainbow. Shykor did not consider himself a warrior, but a messenger of wealth and abundance.  He was armed with riches and was prepared to share with others.  Shykor decided to give one diamond from his belt to any peasant who asked. He would not, however, give any gemstone to anyone who greedily wanted more than one.

Shykor saw Martina Wiggins run towards his empire, which was the third house on Seagull Street.

“My name is Shykor. Who goes there, peasant?” Shykor yelled.

“Excuse me?  I thought your name was Michael.  Peasant?” Martina said.  “And isn’t that what you wore for Halloween?”

“Today I am Shykor.”

“Very nice name, Shykor.  Wanna play house?”

Shykor liked Martina because she was the only girl on Seagull that liked to climb trees.  Martina also had a girly side, and the last time they played house Shykor had to kiss her after pretending he was coming home from work.

“How about you can be my assistant?” Shykor asked, hoping to get out of playing anything romantic.

“Sure,” Martina said with excited eyes.  “I love you, Shykor.” Martina said.

How was a mighty marvel of the universe supposed to respond, Shykor wondered? “Thank you, my lady,” Shykor replied. Shykor loved to play with Martina, and he fondly remembered when she took all his money in the game called Cash. Shykor went bankrupt after only three die tosses.

“Am I like your queen?” Martina asked.

“Er, I suppose so. And here is a token of my gratitude, my lady.” Shykor plucked a small rhinestone from his belt and handed it to Martina.

“It’s so small,” Martina complained.

“It may be small, but it is a beautiful diamond. Wear it and you will have great powers.” Shykor tried to add value to the plastic stone.  “It came from Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers.”

“I want that one,” Martina pointed to the largest crystal hanging on Shykor’s neck.

“That is the Giant Flawless. It is the most precious diamond of the land,” Shykor replied.

“I like it. It’s really sparkly. I want that one. ”

“That one is mine,” Shykor said.”  I must wear it to show that I’m the leader of the kingdom.

“But I am your queen,” Martina insisted.  The peasants will know you are the leader if they see me wear it.”

Martina was always good with words and always seemed to get her way every time she came over to play.

“If you really love me you should give it to me,” Martina said.

Shykor gazed into Martina’s eyes. She batted her eyes flirtatiously, exactly the same way when Shykor had to give her over $10,000 in purple Cash tokens.  He lifted the large white crystal talisman from his head and draped it over Martina.

“Oh, thank you, Shykor,” Martina exclaimed. Then she leaned over and kissed Shykor right on the lips.

Shykor wiped his mouth with his sleeve after Martina turned her head. He was not expecting to relinquish his most prized possession, but the glow in Martina’s eyes could only be compared to the brilliant reflection of the Giant Flawless. He still had his rhinestone sword and his belt of precious crystals, he thought.

“Are we friends forever, Shykor?” Martina asked as she sat like the Queen of California.

After ten years had passed, Shykor realized he had made the best trade of his life. Although he had given Martina the largest gemstone in his treasure, Martina had given him something far more valuable, and that was her friendship.




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