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The Light of Peace

The Zales Light of Peace was cut from a 434.60 carat rough stone. Its origin is unknown, but it is believed to have come from Sierra Leone. It was acquired by the Zale Corp. in Texas. The stone weighs 130.27 cts and is D in color and VVS1 in clarity.

In 1969 the Zale Corporation of Dallas purchased in Antwerp a fine blue-white gem weighing 434.6 carats, the source of which was simply stated as West Africa. More specifically it had almost certainly come from Sierra Leone. After two years work in New York the outcome was thirteen gems totally 172.46 carats. The biggest, a pear shape cut with 111 facets, weighs 130.27 carats and has been named the Light of Peace.

The choice of the name for the large diamond was explained by Morris Zale, one of the two brothers who had founded Zale Corporation. He stated, “Once we acquired the diamond, it was suggested that perhaps we could use this great find to make a small contribution to promoting peace. We also felt that it was time for private industry to begin taking a more active role in promoting peace which has, up to now, been essentially a government function.”

Accordingly Zale Corporation set up a fund with money recieved from the many showings of the diamond, the proceeds being donated to a cause for peace. In 1980 Zale Corporation sold the Zale Light of Peace to an undisclosed buyer. Explaining the decision to sell the diamond, Donald Zale said: “Over the years we had so many inquiries about the diamond that we put a price on it and said not to call unless the enquirer were willing to pay the price … Somebody called.”

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  1. …light of peace…nice irony!…the sun shines free…so far peace does not have a price on it…if it did somebody would certainly purchase it peace…as the purchase of THE LIGHT OF PEACE demonstrates! 😉

  2. Beautiful as is – ‘Peace’, my true thoughts were – 1980! I wonder if this is a blood diamond and if so – how many weapons were bought from the sale and at what price the loss of life was. Like I said – I wonder . . . Thanks for the share.

    1. sunshinemac
      rain on every parade. You obviously have way too much time on your hands if all you do is “wonder” about the negativity….

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