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The Millennium Star Diamond

De Beers has unveiled the world’s rarest set of diamonds ever put together to mark the year 2000. Stressing that ‘millennia come and go, but diamonds are forever,’ the diamond giant’s Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer presented the De Beers Millennium Star, a D-color, internally and externally flawless pear-shape, cut to perfect proportions, weighing 203.04 carats. It is the second largest faceted D-Flawless diamond in the world. The 273.15 carat Centenary Diamond is the first.

After studying and planning the cutting of the 777 carat rough stone for about 4 to 5 months, it was decided to cut the rough in three pieces. The Millennium Star is the outcome of the largest piece.

Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer, summed it up by recalling that this incredible diamond has been collected at the end of this millennium and presented to the world to celebrate the beginning of the next. “As we come together to celebrate the new Millennium, De Beers is giving the world a chance to see this unique collection – truly a once in a Millennium experience”, reflects Oppenheimer. “To be able, therefore, to unveil a truly spectacular new diamond on the threshold of the new millennium is surely a uniquely opposite combination of two very rare events. To be able to unveil not only one diamond, but a collection of such rarity that most of us will not see its like again is, I think, the only adequate way to mark the passage of 2000 years of man’s history,” concludes Oppenheimer. Article by Chaim Even-Zohar of


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