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Do What You Do Best

ImageI walked into a popular restaurant known for chicken and was surprised to see a sign on the counter saying, “Try our new beef tacos.” I also remember going to an establishment known for beef.  A large poster advertised a new addition: turkey sandwiches.  And, come to think of it, it seems that nearly every American restaurant, no matter what their specialty, has pizza on their menu.

I’m not sure if this is done out of desperation, for greater market share, or out of a lack of confidence in the product that made them successful.

I opened my jewelry company, Gallery of Diamonds, in 1991 specializing in loose diamonds and fine jewelry. If a customer wanted something I did not have, I would search the world to find it or have it hand crafted.  I have never offered inexpensive costume jewelry, beads, or decorative items.  There are no crystal statues or silverware.

I am quick to admit that I am not an expert in watches, so if you ask me to change your battery, I will refer you to several of my watchmaking friends.  Yep, no watches either.

However, if you are curious about diamonds and fine jewelry, stop by to see me at my store or website. I would love to show you how diamonds are graded and why some are more valuable than others.  I can also show you how jewelry is made and how it can make a diamond come alive.   That’s what I do best!

My advice: Do what you do best. Do what you love. Learn everything you can about your profession.  Know where your talents lie.  Follow your spark and your passion. That is the key to success.

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  1. You are so right! It’s when businesses try to be all things to all customers that they get into trouble. This approach is key not only to the health of your business, but to your personal happiness. Love the rings in the photo!!

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