Your Love is Dangerous

Your Love is Dangerous

You know I’ve been wonderin’
How you got in my life
As I remember all the heartaches
That I barely survived

So I ask when I pray
How your love could be this way
My souls’ been starved
You never told me love would be this hard

Your love is dangerous
Your love is dangerous

I see another broken heart
Oh, here comes the teardrops
They say love is great, but when it’s too late
It’s like the venom of a snake

So I hide inside my ignorance
To cover up my foolishness
No one warned me, no one told me
That your rose has thorns

Sometimes I feel so lonely
As the world comes closing in
But now I’ve learned
Baby I know when I’ve been burned

Your love, your love, your love, your love
Your love

Danger, it’s danger your love is dangerous
Danger, it’s danger your love is dangerous

From Forgotten Songs, released 15 September, 2012
©1985 by Diamond Mike Watson

All guitars and lead vocals- Diamond Mike Watson
Piano- Mike Sprowles
Bass- Tee Thomas
Harmony- Mike Sprowles and Lisa Chilton
Drums- Ron Sweinhart
Allen Martin Studios- Louisville, KY

I’ll never forget the day we recorded this at Allen Martin Studio in Louisville, Kentucky. A producer friend got us set up for free and we had full command of the beautiful studio for three hours. We quickly laid down the tracks, added the sweet harmonies of Lisa Chilton and Mike Sprowles, did a quick mix, and left before the big boss returned. Unfortunately, the tape was either confiscated or re-recorded over, and this is the only remnant left. The mix definitely sounds like we were hurried to get out of there, but the vocals are bright and the essence was captured.

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