Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts


Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts

Even when I shield my eyes
I see all beauty in my mind
And though I warmly cuff my ears
A melody I sweetly hear

A paradise lives deep inside
With peaceful streams and trees
Eternal rainbows arch above
And paint the sky for me

A perfect world at my command
Is this a Grand Design?
Or is it just one Giant Thought
That’s formed inside my mind?

An inner calm I always find
Her arms of love, all things defined
A planted seed, a tiny voice
That’s grown so loud, I have no choice

Now everything that touches me
Brings joy and deep tranquility
I am a drop of consciousness
In every endless sea

Serenity is all around
You first must close your eyes
To know the universe gives love
Makes all of us alive

I hope you see, as morning starts
That heaven lives inside our hearts
An awesome thing about each day
Is we create it along the way

Copyright 2013 by Diamond Mike Watson. Feel free to repost, with link! For permission to re-publish, please contact info@galleryofdiamonds.com.

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