Where Does a Tree Begin?

Where does a tree begin? Does it start at the top? Or could that be the end? Perhaps it's the leaf That drinks the sun But if there were no light The tree would be none Branches twist out With dangling limbs But I still do not know Where a tree begins Is it the… Continue reading Where Does a Tree Begin?


Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts

Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts Even when I shield my eyes I see all beauty in my mind And though I warmly cuff my ears A melody I sweetly hear A paradise lives deep inside With peaceful streams and trees Eternal rainbows arch above And paint the sky for me A perfect world at my… Continue reading Heaven Lives Inside Our Hearts

Life Adventures, Philosophy

If there is anything real…

If there is anything real in this world, I’m convinced it is a universal power called love. Whether it is born from our hearts or from a Master Diamond Cutter, I have seen it cross every border of culture and religion. I have heard thousands of kids from every socio-economic background recite their poetic expressions to their moms.  When words are written, thoughts and feelings are reinforced; when words come forth from the lips, they become real.

Excerpt from
Adopted Like Me- Chosen to Search for Truth, Identity, and a Birthmother
by Michael C. Watson