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Whose Nightmare is This?

I woke from the stabbing pain of shingles. I drearily tilted my neck to see the bottle of aspirin on the table.  With large red numbers, the alarm clocked said 1:11AM. The date glowed with equally beautiful symmetry-  2/2/22.  I had taken two pills before I went to bed.  I suppose one more wouldn’t hurt. … Continue reading Whose Nightmare is This?

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Are we real?

Sometimes it takes the small talk of a friend to open up the door of our minds. It was 30 years ago when I went to one of my jewelers to pick up a new creation. “Hello. How are you?,” I always began. “Oh, I’m great,” was always the answer. After some chit chat the… Continue reading Are we real?

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Sharing the Same Experience – Part Four

At my meditation class my dear instructor always begins by drawing a large circle to illustrate there is a universal “real” world that is considered truth. I suppose I am a difficult student because I can’t yet wrap my mind around that concept. I chose these images at random. If I asked you to look… Continue reading Sharing the Same Experience – Part Four

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Sharing the Same Experience- Part Four

  A friend asked if I was a cup-half-full or a cup-half-empty guy. I quickly answered that my cup was neither because it was always gushing over its brim. Then I realized that if most people’s excitement level never varies between zero to three out of ten, mine usually hovers constantly around twelve. Using the… Continue reading Sharing the Same Experience- Part Four


What is Me?

Who am I? What is me? Am I more than I can see? Whom is this who returns my stare From my mirrors misty glare? Why I'm here? What's my name? Just let me know from where I came Are these thoughts inside my head? Or is there Something Else instead? Is my life just… Continue reading What is Me?

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Is there a single ingredient that holds our universe together? We look deeper and deeper into outer space, trying to find the edge, searching for the substance in which we are contained. Peering inside, have we found anything smaller than a neutrino, electron, or Higgs boson particle? I used to see a tree, a hummingbird,… Continue reading Awareness

Tales of Imagination

The Four Leaf Clover

"Did you know if you find a four leaf clover it will bring you good luck?" Little Damarus excitedly told the old man, Harry Duley. Harry loved to joke with the kids in the neighborhood and couldn't resist messing with Demarus's brain. "I see a four leaf clover right there," Harry said, pointing toward the… Continue reading The Four Leaf Clover

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Avoid Looking Over Your Shoulder

We are all self-made. The people and objects that surround us are a direct consequence of the thoughts we have harbored in our minds. When I think of my world, I attribute it to concentrating on the present and the future instead of peering back at my misfortunes and mistakes. I try not to spend… Continue reading Avoid Looking Over Your Shoulder

Tales of Imagination

The Apple Experience

A jewelry customer thanked me for my services, then excused himself to go to his car.  He was a fruit vendor, and returned with small bag of apples. He reached into the bag, pulled out a large greenish-red Gala, and handed one to my wife and another to myself. "Do you like apples?" He began… Continue reading The Apple Experience

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I spend a lot of time day-dreaming. An amazing thing I've witnessed  is that if one dreams intensely enough, and with enough passion, and with sincere intentions, dreams become real.  If you hold a dream in your head, you will later be able to hold it in your hand. The Horsehead Nebula is a dark… Continue reading Dream

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Tales of Imagination

Amazing Alexandra

I jumped off the bus onto a mustard hotdog that someone dropped in the parking lot of the Orange County fair. It wasn’t the most pleasant way to begin the day, but the salty ocean breeze of Southern California flowed fresh into my nostrils and purified the smell of Budweiser and stale urine from the… Continue reading Amazing Alexandra

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The Kingdom is Here

I lie on my back A leaf falls gently on my lips I feel the breeze For once I am alive I am here Cause you are there And this is this Cause that is that There is nothing I can do For I am only an image of you The kingdom is here  … Continue reading The Kingdom is Here

Tales of Imagination

The Weird Bug

I was already tense from reading the book, “Creepy Insects of the World,” so I didn’t think about the tickle I felt on my left arm close to my shoulder.  Carmen was on my other side watching some kind on Alien movie.  I felt it again in the same spot, then calmly moved the book… Continue reading The Weird Bug

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Nothing Exists by Itself

Have you ever been asked about your favorite color? Were you quick to give an answer? When one declares their color of choice I usually wonder in what context they admire it. How long could you remain alone in a room, surrounded completely from ceiling to floor, with nothing except the color of red? What… Continue reading Nothing Exists by Itself