What is Me?


Who am I? What is me?
Am I more than I can see?
Whom is this who returns my stare
From my mirrors misty glare?

Why I’m here? What’s my name?
Just let me know from where I came
Are these thoughts inside my head?
Or is there Something Else instead?

Is my life just someone’s game?
I ask my twin inside this frame
A tiny voice spoke from within
That let me know where I have been

In humble awe on tiles I kneel
I touch my face, I must be real
In dreams I fall, and fly, and soar
But now I feel this ice cold floor

You are both human and divine
The universe you can define
Just look around and you will see
The ( —— ) you’ve left behind

Fill in the blank carefully.
This is you.

Copyright Diamond Mike Watson.

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