Tales of Imagination

The Four Leaf Clover


“Did you know if you find a four leaf clover it will bring you good luck?” Little Damarus excitedly told the old man, Harry Duley. Harry loved to joke with the kids in the neighborhood and couldn’t resist messing with Demarus’s brain.

“I see a four leaf clover right there,” Harry said, pointing toward the ground. The rain from the previous night created abundant, green, clover that peaked between the blades of Indiana grass.

“Where?” Demarus looked around wildly.

“Right there, by your shoe.”

“I don’t see it,” Demarus shuffled his small hands through the low vegetation.

“It’s right there.” Harry tried to conceal his smile.

“I see it!” Demarus shouted, then deliberately moved his outstretched fingers toward the destined plant. He plucked the tiny stalk, then proudly displayed it to Harry. “You were right, here it is!”

Harry’s eyes widened as Demarus placed his prize into his wrinkled hand. “I don’t believe it! I was just joking. I didn’t see anything. It really is a four leafed clover!”

This is a true story that happened to me as a child. I remember the pleasant shock on the old man’s face. I was not surprised, however, because I knew the object of my desire was there to be found.

It is slices of life such as these that affect me profoundly, and convince me that we experience what we want to experience.

We also see what we want to see. We hear what we want to hear. We find what we want to find.

I hope this concept will be explored one day, but for now I simply call it the Apple Experience.

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