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The Size of a Diamond


I love to joke when someone asks how big of a diamond he should buy for his lover. That is always a good time to reply, “it depends how much you love her,” or, “whatever size one year of your salary can buy.”

In truth, size doesn’t matter. (To back up a little, the value of a diamond isn’t normally evaluated on its “size,” but rather its carat weight. Two diamonds with the exact weight can be different diameters depending on the proportions of the cut.)

Allow me to make a shocking admission from a long time diamond merchant like myself:

Diamonds do not make us happy.

On the contrary, true happiness comes from the memory of the giver and the meaning of the gift. Do you think the size, or weight, of a diamond determines how much you love someone or how much they love you? Of course not.

Perhaps it is a human trait, but we always seem to want bigger and better. Some of us are never content with the wonderful things that life gives us. Remember that you can always trade your diamond for a larger one. In my store, Gallery of Diamonds, I have eased the worry for those who may desire a larger diamond in the future. As long as your diamond is in the same condition as when purchased from me, I will always apply all the money you invested toward a larger diamond of a least twice your original purchase price. I have had that policy since 1993. I happily recall many customers who began their lives with a quarter-carat and currently wear diamonds that are over two carats! Whenever you glance at your diamond, whatever the size, the important thing to remember is the love behind the gift.

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