The Kingdom is Here


I lie on my back
A leaf falls gently on my lips
I feel the breeze
For once I am alive

I am here
Cause you are there
And this is this
Cause that is that

There is nothing I can do
For I am only an image of you
The kingdom is here


©2013 Diamond Mike Watson

9 thoughts on “The Kingdom is Here”

  1. yes, the kingdom is here. I love this poem.
    Thank you for following my blog. I hope you enjoy our travel ramblings, both inner and outer.
    Jewellery is not my thing, and I can’t listen to your music yet because we are currently in Laos and internet speed is slow. However….. I love all the quotes, and your philosophy of positive energy, and giving back.
    If we could all practice gratitude and choose to focus on all that is good, or even at least OK, what a different world it would be. I strive to live in that world, and of all the things I’ve been blessed with I’m most grateful for learning how to be grateful.

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