Telepathic Love

Now it’s time for me to go away
I told you from the start that I can’t stay
Just remember that love can travel
Through endless time and stars
So it doesn’t matter how far away we are

I’ll send my telepathic love
I’ll send my telepathic love
I’ll send my telepathic love
I’ll send my love

You will never have to be alone
For the dwelling in my heart is your home
Just remember when you are here thinking of me
I am out there somewhere thinking of you

Remember telepathic love will penetrate all walls above
Close your eyes, my love’s at your command

© 1985 by Michael C. Watson
Lead and harmony vocals- Pam Guernsey
Guitars and keyboards- M. Watson
Trigon Studio- New Albany, IN


Sometimes a songwriter can ruin a song by being the one who sings it. I’m glad I was smart enough to realize that Pam Guernsey’s angelic voice was perfect for this celestial-galactic song.

The double guitar leads are from my faithful 1962 Gibson SG, which has long been an extension of my own body.

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