Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Gallery of Diamonds Awards 21st Annual Diamond Winner in Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Gallery of Diamonds in Newport Beach will award a quarter-carat diamond to two grand prize winners. These two students were nominated from a team of forty Orange County teachers for the most creative essays by grade level. Beginning in 1993 in honor of founder Michael Watson’s adoptive mother and birth mother, the contest has now inspired hundreds of thousands of kids to write words of appreciation for their mothers.

Watson was adopted as a child and never knew his birthmother. Although he loved his adoptive parents, he was curious to learn of his origins. After searching for nearly twenty years, he found his birth family but learned that his birth mother had already died. He was able to arrange a reunion in 1994 in which his adopted parents could meet his new, extended family. The contest was created to give the opportunity for all kids to show their appreciation for their mothers, especially while they are still living.

Each winner will come with his mother to receive a quarter-carat diamond valued at $600 to give to mom on Diamond Day.  Diamond teachers and Diamond Judges will receive a garnet necklace.

Diamond Day
Date: Friday, May 10, 2012
Time: 11:00am – 11:45am

7,600 other winning families are now coming to Gallery of Diamonds to receive a gemstone prize for the 22-word assignment. Every child is required to recite their words to their mothers.

The 2013 Diamond Winners

Mom is as beautiful as majestic unicorns,
flying into a cloud.

She plays music so beautifully
it sounds like magic fading away.

Tony Scarsciotti
Grade: 4
School: Benson Elementary Tustin, CA

Stars and galaxies in her eyes,
more beautiful than the finest butterflies.
Mom is beauty and grace

all put into one face.

Gage Butterfield
Grade: 6
School: Crescent Intermediate Anaheim, CA

“The contest is now integrated with the national school system,” says Watson. It not only fulfills the Common Core State Standards for figurative language, but also makes kids powerful writers. It also prepares kids for a lifetime of success by building their self-esteem.”

Today, Why Mom Deserves a Diamond Inc. is a franchise, and has brought hundreds of thousands of parents and their kids to Gallery of Diamonds in Newport Beach, CA, the flagship jewelry store. For more information visit www.WhyMomDeservesADiamond.com, or call 800-667-4440.

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