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Dream Your Life


I’ve always been a positive thinker.  Perhaps it started at an early age when my mother encouraged me to do my best at everything, and that I could obtain anything in life with determination.  Fortunately, it does not take much effort for me to be positive.

As I gaze at the wonderful objects and people that surround me, I can give most of the credit to myself. Think about it.  How responsible are you for choosing your significant other, or the movie you are watching, or the snack that you are eating?   Did someone force you to read this blog, or are you reading it on your own free will?

The clothes that I wear, the car that I drive, and the business transactions I conduct have all happened previously in my dreams.   The images of those dreams were painted in my thoughts at a much earlier age.   Come to think of it, I don’t remember devising a plan to obtain the objects that surround me.  I do, however, remember spending hours creating a road map before I founded Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers.  I poured over spreadsheets pondering every possibility without considering an escape route if the future did not unfold to my predictions.  The words “failure” and ” impossible” did not exist in my dictionary.

Twenty-one years later, Gallery of Diamonds has grown from a small boutique to a jewelry home that welcomes 4,000 families every single year.  Twenty-one years ago I envisioned Gallery of Diamonds packed with happy customers.   Today, the store is wall-to-wall with families several months out of the year.

My point is that if you hold a thought in your head long enough, it will become real.  Do not dampen your desires if you do not see immediate results.  For example, don’t discard the home of your dreams for a less desirable one if your life does not precisely follow your blueprint.  Keep the vision in your mind.  What does the entryway look like?  How is it decorated inside?

Do you feel worthy of your wonderful dreams?  Say yes.

I close with a difficult question: What do you want?

As I finish this writing, I am going to walk upstairs.  I’m not conscious of the complex motor skills required to lift my left leg, then my right, then my left again, until I reach the top.  I simply know that I will get there. I have already imagined it.

14 thoughts on “Dream Your Life”

  1. We really do have the power within our selves by way of our thoughts. Our minds are incredible. We can either use them to work with us, or against us. I like working with my mind. I like taking joys in the simple little things at life as I reach towards my dreams. I enjoyed this post!

  2. Mike, this is a profound and inspirational post. Positive visualization is a powerful and amazing tool. Also, thanks so much for the follow.

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