Life Adventures, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

How do you say “I love my mother”?

The Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest has shown that the common denominator of everyone’s heart is our mother. The following expressions say, “I love my mother.” Each was written by mothers, fathers and essay winners whose origins trace to the far corners of the world.

Positive words give us hope and comfort when they are read. When we say or read them from our lips, they have the amazing power to heal, encourage and inspire us. Throughout our lives, we remember beautiful words that are spoken to us. That is why it is a requirement for essay winners to recite their words to their mothers when they come to receive their prizes.

We’d love your help with this list! If there’s a correction to be made, let us know. If you have a language to add, scan and send us your handwriting!


I love my mom!


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