Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

1998 Diamond Winners

From the hills of Southern Indiana to the sunny shores of California, my staff has been uniquely recognizing mothers across the country.copy1998

Since 1993, I had been searching for my birth mother for nearly twenty years, and decided to create a Mother’s Day essay contest for kids.  The contest would be in honor of my adoptive mother, my birth mother, and every mother in the world. Winners would receive a loose diamond to give to their mother on Mother’s Day.

The contest has grown dramatically with each year.  In 1993, there were 250 essays submitted from Orange County, California.  Today, the contest has reached hundreds of thousands of families in the United States.

I am proud of my staff that has shared my vision in creating the greatest tribute to mothers I can imagine. Kids from every ethnic and socio-economic background have shown a common interest, and that is the joy of being able to express their written words of love for their moms.

“You have made a positive impact in thousands of children’s lives in the way you wanted to honor all mothers. I hope the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest continues for a long, long time.”  Elizabeth Adams.  Editor of the Horizon Newspaper.

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  1. So proud of what you do!! I know both your Mothers are very proud of you, too. It doesn’t matter whether they are still on this earth or not…they know what a fine and caring man you are!!!

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