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How do know I am getting the diamond I selected?



How do know I am getting the diamond I selected?


Trust and honesty make up most of the jewelry profession.  Throughout history, diamonds have been “blind” products. One must first feel comfortable with the jeweler he or she is dealing with. Secondly, it is important to loupe one’s diamond before and after the purchase.  Nearly all diamonds have natural inclusions, or flaws, that are discernible with a ten-power loupe.  Inclusions can be fascinatingly beautiful, and fortunately, no two diamonds have the exact size, shape, color, or pattern of inclusions. You may obtain a gemological certificate with your diamond after it has been mounted in a ring.  But equally important, it is professional to re-loupe your diamond to once again see its unique inclusion(s).  This will create a comfortable experience in knowing that you are receiving the exact diamond you selected.


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