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Do you know how important you are?


Do you realize you are shaping the world at this moment?

Everything you do and say creates ripples of energy throughout the universe.

As soon as you wake, you have been assigned a tremendous responsibility. You may not realize it, but I am constantly being molded by your actions.

When you hold an umbrella over my head and lead me to school, you teach me to care for others.   When you place your arm around me while giving advice, I know you are guiding me in the right direction.  When you offer me a cool refreshment on a hot day, you teach me compassion. When you speak a kind word it remains nestled in my heart throughout my life.

Only when this is understood, is it easier to understand why the gunman pulls the trigger, or why the robber flees the scene.  After all, we are responsible for our own actions.

Or are we?

It is not my essence to harm anyone, or to take their possessions.  In fact, I would have to leap outside my character to do so. However, what kind of person would I be if you never held the umbrella over my head?  What essence would I radiate if you never hugged me or spoke loving words?

We have all been given a mission of immense importance. If you have kids, hug them everyday. Show kindness in everything you do, and do all things with love.

* Image By Fré Sonneveld, via, edited by Diamond Mike Watson

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