Adoption, Life Adventures, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Memories of Love


When I look back in time, I remember precious moments with my adoptive mom. I remember her giving me advice on my worries of the day, kissing me on the forehead before I went to sleep, and laughing at my jokes in which only I found humor. I remember the love and patience in her eyes when we spoke, and her great pride in my feeble accomplishments.

Although she is gone, she will always live within my heart. As long as I’m alive, she will shine within me. For the moms whose child has won a gem in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest, plan to come for an unforgettable experience with your child. Do not rush to claim your gemstone, and take a moment to understand that your child’s words live in that gemstone. You do not have to purchase anything. Although jewelry settings are available, it is the words that your child has written that are the real prize. And, although jewelry is valuable, there is nothing more valuable in life than the wonderful memories of the person you loved and loved you that will last forever.

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