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Where Do We Go from Here?

ImageAs the 22nd annual Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest nears the end, we are left with awe and wonder.

Over 6,000 people came to Gallery of Diamonds jewelers this year to celebrate a mother and child experience. In a showroom that is only 500 square feet, 3,000 kids read their words of love to their 3,000 moms. Of course, they didn’t come at the same time, but were dispersed over a four-month period. Still, there were many times when kids and their families patiently lined up outside, braced for an experience that would last the remainder of their lives.

During moments of disbelief, I grabbed my camera to snap a photo or quick video to prove that our quaint jewelry store had transformed into a public podium. I occasionally browse these photos from the last 22 years to assure myself it was not a dream.

Although there has never been an obligation to purchase anything, I am grateful for the families that selected a jewelry keepsake to serve as a tangible reminder of their child’s accomplishment and a wonderful memory that can be worn everyday.

I owe any success to focusing on lifetime memories that could be given to a mother and her child. Today, a portion of every dollar earned from all jewelry sales is reinvested to encourage more teachers and schools to participate. All good things take time, and we never gave up from exhaustion or when our motivation dwindled.

What was once a hazy idea in 1993 became a lifelong dream. That dream is now an annual event that has been touched and experienced by hundreds of thousands of people.

I thank Carmen, my wife, for following me in what some said was an impossible quest. I thank my family and staff, who are each geniuses in their respective fields: Radha, Vince, Ryan, Michaela, Abe, Christian, Dave, Christina and Sean. I thank the 600 teachers who participated in the contest this year. I thank the nearly 20,000 kids who thoughtfully expressed their appreciation for their moms. Win or lose, the beautiful words they wrote will reach all sentient beings. I thank the teachers that devoted many thoughtful hours as contest panel judges. When a child is chosen for his or her creative efforts it is a wonderful feeling, a great esteem builder, and prepares them for all the success that life offers.

The contest is never over, however, for it is now the beginning of the next contest. Out of twelve months in the year, the contest takes eight months of preparation. Simple ideas from pencil and paper have now become complicated algorithms to choreograph the Disneyland crowd of excited kids and their moms. I have always been a dreamer, and I hope this year many more kids will pen their words of appreciation for the person that guides their footsteps through life.

Where do we go from here? Moving to a larger facility? Giving inspirational lectures to students? The Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest is still in its infancy, and has uncharted continents to explore. I can’t help feeling excited about the unfathomable dreams that are unfolding at this very moment; a mom is showing off her child’s poem to a neighbor; a child is writing a book that will eventually become published that will benefit our society; a child is being reassured that all things are possible.

Do you want to be part of us? Do you feel the contest should be expanded?

*Inform a teacher, a friend, or your neighbor. Good news cannot be suppressed.

*Share this blog on social media, subscribe, or write a review.

*Come work for me! Do you have a good heart and are an amazing tech-savvy genius? Live close by? Dress sharp, bring references, and stop to see if we can use your awesome talents.

*Donate. I am so grateful for every dollar that has been donated. Each dollar has worked hard to multiply and help the contest grow. All donators are considered lifetime members. Along with other benefits, donators receive updated information about the contest, free coffee, and our homemade chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting for life.

I will first ask you to do something that is required of everyone who has ever worked for me; write an essay entitled, “Why Mom Deserves a Diamond.” Do not send this to me, rather read this aloud to your mother, or a living person that inspired your words.

Words are living things. Positive words encourage us, inspire us, and heal us.

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