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The Garden Chair


As I type these words from my electronic device, I realize that this same instrument has stifled my life to the confines of my garden chair. Our bodies are agile and are designed for motion. How many butterflies have I missed that fluttered by me today? Did I ignore a child who tugged on my arm to play?

Nowadays, we try to escape human interaction by burying our heads into these square illuminated screens. Do we really need a device beside our plate for the latest message as we eat our family dinner? Our kids will grow up to get a great job. But what if they never learned basic human skills, like how to offer a firm handshake or give a confident smile to their prospective employer?

I love technology, but we must know we are the masters of technology, not slaves to it. One of these days I will become too immobile to escape this chair. As I stare into this device, I can become lost in an ocean of numbers, pixels and photons. Life, on the other hand, lies on that blurry border beyond the screen.

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