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The Story of Diamond Mike and Carmen


After working for a diamond company for many years in the Midwest, I moved to California. I drove for days, and arrived in Orange County. While unloading my belongings, I saw a beautiful, dark-skinned girl with long hair. She said her name was Carmen. After some small talk we made our first date. The next twenty-three years would be filled with adventure.

I earned the title of gemologist from GIA, then soon learned how to negotiate prices on jewelry and diamonds. I dreamed of a store where people could own quality jewelry at below normal retail prices. I soon fell in love with Carmen and asked her to be my partner. The economy was poor. Success was uncertain. In exchange for her help, I vowed to pay Carmen with diamonds.

In 1991, with little funds and inventory, Gallery of Diamonds was born. Carmen and I married shortly afterward. Carmen studied diamonds and gemstone sorting. The small boutique began its search for vintage jewelry while also creating innovative pieces. Today, Gallery of Diamonds offers a large array of jewelry from antique to modern, at 20-40% below normal retail prices.

We know each of you by name. For the past twenty-three years, your happiness has been our happiness. Whether we were there when you picked out your first diamond engagement ring, or when we helped you select your fortieth anniversary necklace, you have been a big part of our lives.

I continue to give Carmen diamonds.

Happy Anniversary, Carmen!  July 23, 1993.

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  1. Beautiful story! Most girls could only hope to be as lucky as Carmen. How you’ve carved up a spot in this niche is very inspiring. It’s so good to find like-minded people who recognize exactly how diamonds really do equate to love and happiness, and embody this belief in their personal lives. Well done!

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