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My diamond chipped!


We have always be told that diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the universe. If that is true, why do they sometimes chip or break?

The reason is that the definition of a gemstones hardness is its resistance to scratching, not breaking. The scale of “break ability” is called toughness. In fact, if you place a piece of jade and a diamond side by side, then smash them with a hammer, which one would smash the easiest? The answer is diamond. On the other hand, a diamond is so hard that nothing can scratch it. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Because of this, it is a quite amazing specimen of nature.

With the right force or blow, a diamond can chip or break. If that happens, what should you do?

1. Yell at the jeweler because he said a diamond could never be chipped?
2. Throw the diamond in the trash?
3. Contact me for advice

If the damage is mild, a diamond can be re-polished with little or no weight reduction. If it is severe, it may have to be re-fashioned into a different shape in order not to sacrifice too much weight loss. If you have insurance you should check your policy to make sure it covers damage to your diamond. Most of the time, insurance companies now cover theft, mysterious disappearance, and damage to the gem.

If your diamond has been damaged, please contact me. I will give you the best advice and I will attach a link for directions how you can safely send me your jewelry. Once I receive it, I will contact you right away to discuss the options and to roughly determine what the finished weight would be if it would need to be re-cut. The price of cutting is not very expensive and not nearly as expensive as buying a new diamond.

You can call me at 1-800-667-4440.


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