What is big? What is small?
Is there a difference between tiny and tall?
(A little bug on a blade of grass
Is huge when viewed through a lens of thick glass)

What is up? What is down?
When I point to a star as the earth spins around?
When is young old? When is day night?
When is cold hot and black becomes white?

Sour and sweet, happy or sad
Inside, outside, good or bad
Helping, hurting, peace or war
When should my whisper become a roar?

Angels, devils, heaven and hell
Are they real or imagined? Should I ask or tell?
Destroy or create? Should I break or mend?
Is everything nothing, is the beginning the end?

When am I born, alive, or dead?
I ponder this thought as I rise from my bed
When I’m awake, is it just a dream?
Are things I think real not what they seem?
When I die is it really the end?
Or simply a chance to start over again?

To make sense of this world, my ignorance I hide
Vibrations of Love I rudely divide
Beautiful or ugly, I always decide
A bug is a butterfly if I am perfect-eyed

I surrender the myths of all I’ve been taught
Inventing illusions on this tiny, blue dot
We have created our world from the sum of our thoughts

Copyright 2015 Diamond Mike Watson

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