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Thoughts Become Things


In the near future from when this post is written, the southeast corner of our new jewelry store will look like one of these computer illustrations.

The first Gallery of Diamonds was established in 1991 in a 700-square foot office. The new store will showcase antique to modern jewelry and my new line of Moon Over Mountains (MOM) mothers jewelry. Loose diamonds will be shown in a private office along with custom engagement rings.

In the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest, 4,000 families currently come to Gallery of Diamonds every year to celebrate a mother and child experience. By owning a larger location, even more kids will be able to come read letters of love to their mothers to show their appreciation.

The striking thing is knowing that our thoughts and dreams create our reality. In fact, everything that surrounds us is the result of our thoughts.

Have you ever wondered if the entire universe is simply the sum of our thoughts?

What is constantly on your mind? If you passionately keep a thought in your head for a long time, it will become real.

Think good thoughts.

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