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Do Not Look Over Your Shoulder

imageOur lives are a miracle and a success story. The things and people that surround us are a direct consequence of the thoughts we have harbored in our minds. When I think of my own success, I attribute it to concentrating my attention on the present and the future instead of peering back at my past misfortunes or mistakes. I try not to spend unnecessary time worrying, but rather look to the future to solve any challenges. And, if I never look over my shoulder, are there really any problems back there?

Einstein once said, although I do not look at the moon I know it is still there. Or is it? When I come to my living room from the kitchen is the kitchen still there? You may say of course it is, but how can we prove that? We only know the kitchen is there when someone can perceive it. As I re-enter my kitchen, does my mind re-create it once again?

In business, there are always copy-catters, plagiarizers, and competitors. However, if you know you are doing something that is benefitting yourself, others, and accomplishing amazing things, there is no need to worry about these things. I’m convinced the secret of the success of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest is partially the result of never looking over our shoulders.

What happens when we look over our shoulder? We see our failures and life’s hurdles that may not have been overcome. It is important to recall great memories of our past, as long as we bring them to the present by keeping them in our hearts. If we stay focused and fearlessly forge into the future, there are no problems behind us. They simply don’t exist. In other words, when we focus our attention on the present moment and the things that are in front of us, the past does not exist.

With every step we take, and every act we observe, we are actually creating our world. Whichever direction we look, whether through a high-power telescope or microscope, our brains may be actually creating our universe. We expect to find something, so we do. Because of this, we may never see the smallest particle or the edge of the universe. In the new area of unified string theory, it is becoming more clear that the universe may be here simply because we consciously observe it.

If you want to fully live with unlimited potential, it is important that you always look forward and never over your shoulder. It is quite a waste of time. There is nothing behind you except the recreation of your past.

Diamond Mike Watson.

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