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What is Your Priority?

imageIt is interesting how we choose our destinies. To an extent, I think we all understand that we have the power to steer our lives in the direction we want to go. I once remember complimenting the flattering biceps and impressive physique of a young man I hired for my jewelry store years ago. After noticing my envy, the diamond consultant told me that I could have the exact same body as his. I simply needed to work out five days a week. He said it was all a matter of priority in one’s life.

I have never forgotten that advice, for his words have lived within me for over twenty years. I still do not have the body of Atlas, but I can easily see how my priorities have created the world in which I live. Living one’s priority is awesome, strange, and beautiful. We destine life to happen from our thoughts and dreams and actions.

I was programmed by my adoptive mother, who instilled her love within me and gave me the belief that I could accomplish anything. Without her software, I could have been a criminal or a killer. With her software, I could have been the leader of a solar system. It is ironic that I have dedicated most of my life blending my profession with giving the opportunity for others to show their appreciation for their mothers.

All of us have been loved by someone. Therefore, we have all been programmed with love. It is the only spark that makes us glow with embers of greatness.

Are you who you want to be? What is your priority?

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