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Random Thoughts of a Jeweler with a Mission

imageHappy 23rd Diamond Day! Well, that was a few days ago but we are still celebrating. It was a magical day that had all the charm of the first Diamond Day in 1993. It is funny that contest panel judge, Su Wells, did not allow her picture to be taken, but she was interviewed by CBS KTLA! She was seen by millions of people. Weatherman, Kaj Goldberg, and his assistant filmed the entire event. Our staff all went to Lucille’s Smokehouse for Diamond Dinner. No umbrellas or crazy videos- we just enjoyed each other’s company and ate large beef ribs.

It is like a dream now, but we gathered an extraordinary team that found the resources to assemble our new jewelry home in time for the 23rd annual contest. We still have the purple theme, and use the same colors of the walls and trim as the old gallery. Cream, brown, and purple look really good together. My staff was such a great help in the moving transition. We all wore blue jeans everyday for a month because we were always getting dirty.

It is surprising that we didn’t miss a beat by relocating. Thousands of people are now filling the parking lot, and it feels as if I have already lived this in my dreams. After checking out a dozen buildings, I am happy that Brookhollow has become the new home for Gallery of Diamonds and the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest. The owners and tenants are friendly and respectful and it is surprising how many of them are familiar with the contest. I make an effort to take my lunch break on the beautiful grounds outside. Within fifty steps from the entrance one can visit the babbling brook complete with fish, turtles, squirrels, hummingbirds and ducks. It is a serene world in the heart of Orange County.

The transition of Gallery of Diamonds to the city of Santa Ana was seamless.
There was that time during construction that we did not have internet or computers. Communication was strictly by cell phone. Sometimes I had to take a photo of my computer screen and email it to someone who had a printer! All the pre-administration of the mothers contest was right in the middle of our relocation. Twenty thousand essays poured into Newport Beach and somehow ended up in the pandemonium of our new Santa Ana location. It is miracle that we managed.

The human brain is awesome, strange, and beautiful in the way it gives you what you ask. I used to gaze into the old showroom and proclaim, “I want to expand this gallery outwards!” while motioning with my outstretched arms. Gallery of Diamonds still has the same essence and charm of the old store, but is now twice as large. It is almost as if it was summoned from our affirmations.

Recently a girl who won a gemstone in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest came to the store to honor her single father. Yesterday a boy wrote about his grandmother. Today a brother/sister winner came to commemorate their “two dads!” They were the kindest, most adjusted family I have ever met. The dads adopted the kids when they were a few months old. To differentiate from each parent, the kids addressed one as papa and the other as daddy. The dad who came gave permission to publish his kids’ words and photo. The Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest has certainly come a long way with it’s message- to honor ALL those who love us, nurture us, and instruct us.

Think positive.
Think purple.
Find good in all things.
It makes life so much richer.

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