Ask, Seek, Knock

imageI still do not know why I brought the entire plastic bottle of ketchup to my desk when I had lunch that day. I’ve always enjoyed the luxury of fine dining, but somehow I imagined my work desk was a table in a fancy restaurant. My lunch was only a reheated hamburger from a microwave, but eating is always more enjoyable when one has lots of elbow room and condiments within reach.

I also still do not know why I slammed the bottle on my desk. Did I just want to break the silence, or was I trying to loosen the red glob that had hardened on the spout? The thick liquid gushed on my torso, my pants, and all the way up my arm. My suit was ruined. I had an appointment to show a client diamond engagement rings in about an hour.

It is not my nature to throw tantrums, and l always try to find good in everything. It seemed that my employees were more distraught than myself, chanting, “What are you going to do now?”

It was a simple solution. All I needed was to go to the dry cleaner. I calmly left my chair to the cleaner in the next shopping center. Before I was halfway there, I realized I would have remove my clothes. They couldn’t throw my whole body into the cleaner. And would I sit naked in a chair while waiting for my order?

When the lady owner saw my defiled attire, she asked if the gray tweed luxury suit and shirt hanging to my left was my size. She said a customer left it many months ago and never came to claim it. If the clothes fit me, she said, I could have them.

I slipped on the thick, wool jacket and added the pants and a lavender dress shirt in the dressing room. When I came out I felt like the president of the United States. It fit perfectly. I gave the lady my soiled suit to clean, but I returned to my jewelry store in my new clothes that made me look like the combination of James Bond and James Cagney.

One can imagine the surprise of my staff when I proudly entered Gallery of Diamonds with my head held high in that beautiful new suit.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7.

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