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Ask In Earnest

When one asks in earnest, it seems that life usually gives us everything we want. It also seems what is not received are things that may not benefit ourselves or others or not needed at that time.

As nearly 20,000 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond submissions began to flood our headquarters in 2015, I had doubts of how they would be properly organized and managed. This was the year we purchased a larger facility in an adjacent city. In the midst of constructing an entirely new jewelry organization, the essays relentlessly bombarded us. We had no carpeting, lights, or even a desk to pile the writing compositions.

It is hard to imagine an organization without electricity, office supplies, or Internet, but that was the situation of Gallery of Diamonds in early 2015. In a once lifeless building, my staff brought their sparks of dedication to warm the cold emptiness.

We wore blue jeans for nearly two months. Amidst the painting, hammering, and sawing, we knew that we would eventually have a new home complete with cozy chairs to discuss old times.

Surviving dust and paint, the submissions continued to pour in by the thousands. Teachers communicated on cell phones. The entries needed to be judged, but first they had to be organized. We created spread sheets, took screen shots and texted them to contest judges. Winning submissions needed to be typed, then imported into data bases.

Dear Universe, we ask in earnest to help us complete our mission.

As we look back, we still wonder how we survived the 23rd annual contest. Against all odds, thousands of kids came to recite their words of love to their mothers. Thousands of families celebrated a wonderful mother and child experience that will never be forgotten. I was fortunate enough to meet most of you.

Perhaps this was a lesson on the power of human intent- There is really no such thing as impossible. Everything is possible when asked in earnest.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7.

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