Gallery of Diamonds, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Thank you, Team

Gallery of Diamonds’ showroom in Santa Ana, CA.


To everyone who works for me at Gallery of Diamonds and Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Inc.

Happy 2016!

After years of planning, we built our new and larger jewelry store headquarters in Santa Ana. Most of you painted, hauled, swept, and wired the devices together. We were on KCAL9 news twice. We were featured in the Daily Pilot. We brought the FlyUp! program to several schools. We gave our finest presentations. We praised thousands of kids for their creative efforts and increased their sense of self-worth and esteem. We helped countless moms own a jewelry memory that will become a lifetime treasure.


We have all worked hard in our mission for greater contest participation. That dream came true from the increase of essays that poured in. I can already predict this year will be the greatest contest yet and will forever be nested in our memories. I am so thankful to have a loyal and brilliant team that shares my vision to create an experience for thousands of kids and their families that will fondly be remembered the rest of their lives.

From the depths of my heart, I thank you.

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