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Way Out There!


“Way Out There!”

Recently a schoolteacher described me affectionately as, “way out there.” After all, purple is usually not the favorite color of men who desire to make a difference in the world. Also, strutting into a school classroom with an opened black and white umbrella above ones head does not always command respect. Purple ties and huge umbrellas, however, make a statement, and sometimes one has to be dramatic to make a point.

In the FlyUp! presentation offered to all schools, my intention is to show that one can become whoever they aspire to become. Although many people are comfortable in the cozy confines of their perceived limitations, my intention is to offer others the possibility of being more of who they already are.

It creates controversy. It encourages people to think. It makes being human more satisfying and colorful than one can imagine. Being way out there, or as I sometimes say, stepping beyond yourself, inspires great things to happen. It clarifies our unlimited potential, it makes our dreams possible, and it makes our lives worth living.

I am reminded of a cartoon by Gary Larson in which a sheep was struck by a spark of revelation. He stood up in the pasture of his fellow sheep and announced, “Wait! Wait! Listen to me. We don’t have to be just sheep!”

3 thoughts on “Way Out There!”

  1. Too many kids are often told that they can’t do stuff, so it’s wonderful to hear that you’re determined to counter balance that, Mike. Diamond is definitely the best name for you.

  2. I could not agree with you more. It takes courage to stand in your own truth and dare to be different. It is important that we encourage ourselves, and learn to appreciate — and celebrate — the uniqueness of our own personal consciousness and natural attibutes. By doing so, we allow for less free-spirited beings to find the courage and tenacity to walk in their own truth — in a self-loving and nurturing way. We also allow ourselves to be true to the light that is inherent within us, and celebrate this proudly to the world; not in a boastful, pompous way, but in a natural and effortless resolve centered about love and abundance, and sharing the best of self with the world. Thank you so much for sharing this post! 🙂

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