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You are the Master of Reality



We can create our world. We can steer our paths, choose our destinies, and control our outcomes.

How do we do this? With our thoughts and attitude.

I remember when I was convinced I would flunk a test, a friend would not laugh at my joke, a girl would refuse my offer to dance, or a client would reject my sales offering. Each prediction came true. Now things happen differently.

You can be the Commander of your Life. If you want peace, you must be the peace. If you want love, you must be the love. What happens when you smile sincerely at a stranger? Doesn’t the stranger smile back? What happens when you extend a hand of gratitude? Isn’t it almost reflexive for the stranger to extend her hand also?

Opportunities spring from everywhere when one radiates happiness. You can slip into the middle of a long waiting line, you are given free samples at the delicatessen, you are offered a higher paying position.

If you want to live in a universe of understanding, serenity, and prosperity, you must have eyes that look for understanding, serenity and prosperity.

The universe is a mirror. It is a reflection of yourself. You see what you want to see.

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