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The Quiet Kneel that transformed a Nation

The drama that recently unfolded on the NFL field was from Trump’s brash, non-related comments from his Alabama speech. Colin Kaepernick had an issue on his heart. That issue could have been for anything. In his case, it was his concern of police brutality and the equality and justice for Afro Americans.

He must have known the ramifications of his actions. Kaepernick was willing to sacrifice a generous income, and he did.

I agree that all employers must have a job description handbook, but there should also be room for employees to express themselves for noble causes as long as they are not disruptive to the organization. NFL teams are now kneeling or locking arms before or after our national anthem. In this way, our flag or country’s song is not undermined.

Although the original purpose of Kaepernick’s kneel was to bring attention to inequality, it seems that the cultural revolution on the playing field today is not solely to support Kaepernick’s cause. It is also a protest to the words of the president himself, who vulgarly insulted such a vast group of professional athletes, their owners, and even their fans.

From Donald Trump’s lack of condemnation of white supremacists in Charlottesville to his full page newspaper ads targeting blacks in his early real estate years, he has been instrumental in fueling the racial division of our nation. The irony of this is that Trump has actually awakened multitudes of people by helping them rethink what is important about being human. Whatever Trump’s intention, he has miraculously brought us somewhat closer together. I don’t think Kaepernick yet realizes how he will positively impact millions of people by being the first NFL player to kneel quietly on a football field.

Colin Kaepernick was not a martyr.

He was a genius.

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