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The separation of children from their families must be stopped!

The separation of children from their parents at our borders is inhumane and is sure to cause irreparable lifelong harm to thousands of children. It is difficult for me to type these words, knowing that this is not fiction but a cruelty and crime against humanity that is currently happening at our southern border.

It is also difficult for me to understand the insensitivity of the people in the Trump administration who justify this punishment of children who have done nothing wrong. My heart weeps for the children who may remember the nightmare of being pried from their mothers arms. Although these children will try to forget this experience as adults, I’m certain this trauma will never be completely erased from their memories.

For those who have heard from the President that this is a law, it is not, is a false statement, and can be stopped immediately by the President.
Whether the aim is to instill a deterrent or greater punishment against illegal immigration, it is shameful to permanently harm the lives of children that will grow into plastic, lifeless adults with memories of being persecuted for a crime they never committed.

The separation of children from their families must be stopped now!

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