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My Dear Child, Forgive Our Ignorance

My dear child

I wish I could hold your hand
I wish I could read you a book
I wish I could free you of your prison

I hope you had a nutritious meal tonight
I hope you slept warmly
I hope you dreamt peacefully

I heard your cries
I know what you want more than food or shelter
You want the solid rock of your existence
You long for the embrace of the one who gave you life-
Your mother

They say there is strength in suffering

When the sun rises
I hope you will one day forget about this
Uninvited terror of your young life
I hope you will one day forgive our ignorance

-To the more than 2300 kids of all ages that have been separated from their mothers and held in captivity since the Department of Justice instituted the Zero Tolerance policy for illegal immigration on April 8, 2018.

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